Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dazee's Fried Potato Bacon Soup

It's fake spring: the time of year between February 1st and real spring when I stop wearing coats in an effort to convince the weather it's warm.

Fake spring also means renewed longing for fresh, healthy food. Which means I get back on this neglected blog and post a spattering of recipes.

Today's is neither fresh nor healthy. In fact, it is almost like a heart attack-wrapped stroke, smothered in delicate hypertension sauce.

But it's so good for cold fake spring evenings. And, technically, whole. So it belongs here.

My neighbor, Dazee, made it up and was kind enough to give me a recipe of sorts. I am mostly writing it down so that I can remember how to make it next time. My only regret is that I didn't take a picture of it. Sorry.

Dazee's Fried Potato Bacon Soup

A lot of potatoes (I used 6), scrubbed and cubed - no need to peel them
A lot of butter, divided (I used one cube altogether - Dazee uses a lot more than that: she's fearless and a better cook than I)
Paprika (I used smoked, cause to know me is to know that smoked paprika is awesome)
Garlic (I used 1-2 cloves), minced
Onions (I used 1/2 of one), diced (Dazee uses green onions, but I don't like green onions, so do with that information what you may)
Flour (1/3 C. worked for me)
Cream (however much or little you have on hand - I had about a cup)
Milk (any percent will do - I used whole, and just dumped it in until it was the consistency I wanted - I'd say 2C?)
Sharp Cheddar (1 C), shredded
Bacon (I used about 5 slices, but the bacon slices I buy are huge, so probably more like 10 regular slices), browned really well

Fry potatoes in half the butter on low-med heat. This takes a long time. Be patient: it will be worth it. Season with salt, pepper, and paprika. Generously. Add the onions and garlic when the potatoes are starting to soften and brown. Don't worry about it all sticking to the pan - it will all work out in the end. When the potatoes are soft (if you are impatient like me, they will never get soft, exactly, but will be al dente, which is fine), add the rest of the butter and the flour. Let that cook for 1-2 minutes. Dump in the cream and milk. Cook it just until it comes together and thickens. Add the cheese. Stir it in and let it melt, but don't let it boil. Season to taste. Crumble your bacon and throw it in.

Eat until your heart flutters. Then save the leftovers for tomorrow. At which time you will need to add milk when you reheat it, as it becomes a solid mass of butter and cheese when cooled.