Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Little Help?

Riddle: How many electronic devices does it take to drive to Arizona?

I must be out of my peaked little head, because I am taking a 16-hour road trip with my three children on Friday. By myself.

We've got the ipad packed. Ipods are downloaded with at least 11 hours-worth of books-on-cd. New coloring/activity books - check.

What else does one pack to keep children, ages 5 to 11, entertained and happy for that long?

I really need ideas, so...anyone?

What I also need to know is, what are my options for healthy eating on the road?

I'm going to need lots of munchy things to keep me awake, but I would rather not blow the entire healthy-eating-style in one (very l-o-n-g) day.

I like to think that this blog is a place for others to come for sound advice and inspiration of the healthy sort, but today, I need YOU.

I am not a traveller. We don't travel. At least not with our kids. And never me alone with my kids. So this is intimidating, to say the least.

So please, offer up your tips, advice, warnings, what-have-you.

I'm begging you.

(riddle answer: Probably one more than you own, but no worries, there are plenty of cords with which to strangle yourself in an emergency)


  1. Wow! You are super ambitious! I've done Boise and back a lot by myself with the kids, but that's almost 1/3 of what you will be doing!
    When we were little and would go on long road trips, my parents would have those liscense plate or state maps where you have to color it if u see that liscense plate.
    Hopefully the iPods/iPad will keep them entertained for a good portion.
    Healthy snacks I would pack-
    Snap peas
    Trail mix
    Corn nuts
    Dehydrated fruit
    Hope that is helpful. Wish I had more entertainment ideas. There's always the good old fashion games like I spy, alphabet game...
    Maybe you will get lucky and they will sleep for part of it. Sounds like a fun, warm trip! I'm sure you will have some stories for us when you get back.

  2. I think a good sleeping tablet might just be all the "entertainment" the kids will need! One really healthy snack I like to take along on long road trips is strawberry twizzlers. They take a long time to eat if you sick on them and provide some minutes of thought as you ponder their differing state as you suck and scrape with your teeth. You're welcome! (Wish I could come along.)

  3. I'm with Kimi: Dramamine - non-drowsy for you, full-strength for the kiddos.

    I hope you survive because I can't wait to see you!!!

  4. K and I drove to Oregon last Friday and I had celery sticks, snow peas, and almonds (I won't tell you the unhealthy snacks) but I really wanted something munchy and crunchy like a good trail mix. Make your own with sesame sticks, nuts, seeds, dried fruit and unsweetened chocolate chips (don't know where you get those except in the trail mix I buy at Smiths). Be safe Boo. Makes me nervous just thinking about you being by yourself. Taking a gun, right?

  5. I'm nervous for you to drive that far but way excited to see you! I'm not the best for giving eating advice, but around here we like raw almonds and dried fruit. Would it be too against your eating goals to suck on a jolly rancher? Those always help me when I'm drowsy, but you probably don't want candy. Good luck!