Thursday, February 9, 2012

Granoly Moly!

I made granola two days ago. A new recipe.

I am making it again tomorrow*. That is how good it is.

I am a life-long admirer of granola, and this one is THE one. All others are now dead to me.

The first day, warm out of the oven, we broke it in chunks and ate it like granola bars.

Second morning, I cut up kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, and bananas, and let the kids choose their toppings after we poured (almond) milk over it.

(warning: some small children like it plain without "vegetables, like fruit" on it)

An hour after that, I filled a bowl with the left over chopped fruit, and topped that with dry granola.

For dessert that night, my husband poured chocolate almond milk over it.

This afternoon I ate it plain like trail mix.

Tonight I was planning to make banana "ice cream" (just frozen bananas blended up in the blender with a little coconut milk) and top it with the stuff, but went into the kitchen to discover my children lined up at the bar, finishing off the last of it.

That is why I am making it again tomorrow*.

And probably the next day.

Cause I want to try the bar method with steel-cut oats (and dates and currants and dried berries), but I've got to have the regular cereal kind on hand in case we have a snack emergency.

Which, in this house, is not a question of whether.

It is a question of when.

And the answer to that question is always.

Now go forth and nourish!

Recipe HERE

*I will try it with coconut oil instead of butter next time
*I want to try half honey/half maple syrup sometime, but not until I run out of my sacred, hoarded tiny jar of wild honey (from the depths of the jungles of South Carolina) that looks and tastes exactly like molasses, and which I am sure took the recipe from great to magical.

Update: I tried it with coconut oil and all regular honey, and it is still really good!

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